The “ERR_ TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS” is one of the error occurs in the browser on the regular basis. This kind of the error occurs after some changes on the site of WordPress, wrong setting with the third party service, redirects misconfiguration on the server and others. If you are experiencing the too many redirects error then you do not worry because this web browser error is simple to fix. You can see the “This webpage has a redirect loop”  in the popular browser such as Firefox, Chrome, and others. This kind of error leads to the redirect loop.


Reason why would the Err_ Too_Many_Redirects Errors Occur

The err_too_many_redirects chrome error occurs for the lot of the reason such as redirecting by the browser cookies, redirecting by the .htaccess file and plugin the Wp SEO Yoast, wrong time and date which not match with the server time and date zone. You can also face the too many redirects errors for the old theme, plugin, and others. Most of the time the redirect error and ssl connection error occur in the web browser for wrong date and time of the system.  Here you can get simple steps to fix this webpage has a redirect loop err_too_many_redirects error. You can implement the steps carefully and get rid of the redirect error easily.

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Steps to Fix the Too_Many_Redirects_Browser Error

If you are facing the too many redirects chrome error on the web browser then you can fix the error easily by following the below given procedure and get the browser back up and running. Here you can get the different way to fix the browser errors in various situations.

1) Clear the Chrome cookies

The browser cookies can redirect the website and lead the error. You can delete the cookies of the Chrome and solve the errors.

  • First, go to the Chrome Browser.
  • Click on the Settings from the browser.
  • Go to the History from the page that appears.
  • Click the privacy section and choose the content setting
  • Select the all cookies and site data on the browser
  • Click on the Clear Browsing Data button
  • If you need to clear data from the browser then click on the remove all button.
  • Now all the browsers cookies and cache will be deleted within few seconds.

Then close the Chrome browser and if you need open it then browses anything on the website. The users can see that the redirected you too many times error is fixed and they will not face any error again in the browser.

2) Change the Date and Time of the System

When the time and date of the desktop or laptop do not match with the service then the redirect error occurs in the browser. If you face too many redirects errors in the Chrome browser then you can solve the error by changing the system date and time.

date and timedate and time update

  • First, hit on the date and time zone in the menu bar
  • Click on adjust date and time option
  • Then hot on the change date and time button from the time and date setting
  • Change the system date and time manually from the clock and calendar.
  • Finally, select the OK button
  • Now your system date and time will be changed

Once you have completed the process you can restart the chrome browser and see that the redirect error is solved.

3) Update WordPress theme and plugin

The fundamental attribution error is simple to fix by following the below given steps. The ERR_too_many_redirects errors occur for the old version WordPress plugging and theme. So you can update the WordPress plugin and theme from the Wp dashboard. This redirect error will fix quickly and you cannot get the error again on the chrome browser. If the website that shows this error then you can fix the error by updating the theme and plugin. The users can find any errors in plugin and theme then deactivate it.

These are simple methods to fix the Err_Too_Many_Redirects errors effectively on your desktop. You can update the window when the windows update error 0x80070057 occurs on your system. By following the above-mentioned steps you can fix the redirects errors quickly.

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