[Err_Spdy_Protocol_Error]We all have come across several errors while using Google Chrome Internet browser. Apart from the usual errors like internet not working and other errors, you might get a protocol error no matter whether you are using a VPN or not. ERR_SPDY_PROTOCOL_ERROR is the usual line that users may get. Though there are no specific reason as to why this error may cause but when this occurs you can surely see for a fix. We have discussed few ways which for sure will fix this problem.


People have often complained that the error is more frequent when users are going to sites like Gmail, wikipedia and facebook. If you look closely then this chrome error is more frequent when you log into sites that are secure. Just to ensure, you can closely look at the HTTPS in the URL just before www. err_spdy_protocol_error chrome is basically an error that comes because of a small vulnerability that has happened which made Google to stop supporting SPDY protocol which was earlier made so the chrome browser could load web pages faster. When you open any of those secure sites then this is the error that you might come across which says “this webpage is not available err_spdy_protocol_error”. Not to worry as we will be discussing solutions to this problem.

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Some Chrome Facts

Before going in the details about how to fix this problem, let’s look into some of the facts of the most popular browser across the globe. Chrome is definitely widely used and the reason is well known. The browser is clean and very minimal.

browsers tatistics about crome error

  • The Google browser Google Chrome is one of the finest and fastest growing browser. It is widely used both in web based version and the mobile version
  • Initially when the browser came, even before it was christened, it use to be known as “Backrub”
    It was in the year 1997 when the need of a browser was felt and the work started though it was officially launched in september, 2008 which almost eleven years after the company was actually setup.
  • If you look at the stats then you will be surprised to know that people visit Google more than they do facebook, reddit and other social sites.
  • Google is huge and so huge that they own almost every popular products that we see including gmail, youtube, and more importantly it owns android.
  • There are tons of hidden easter eggs that are hidden in the chrome browser and almost every update of Android

SPDY actually stands for “speedy” and is used to reduce a web page’s load time

What Causes Err_Spdy_Protocol_Error

Though not every time will the error be because of a certain reason as there could be a variety of reasons. Though the two most usual reasons are:

Outdated Chrome Browser

Of the two reasons, this is the most popular reason. It is always recommended that you update your browser as hackers and viruses always attack the applications which are outdated. So if you do get the error “this webpage is not available err_spdy_protocol_error” then the very first things you gotta do is to check your browser. See for any update and if there is any, jump to the latest version. That’s the best thing you will do to to protect yourself from any such errors ogznet.com.

Possibility of an Antivirus or Firewall Blocking

People often equip their devices with some antivirus in order to protect their device from any virus. What most people don’t know is that the antivirus software actually often ends up slowing down the whole device. When it senses any activity is not going smooth or as per planned then it will automatically block the normal operation of the system. Often times it’s the firewall settings of your very own phone that messes up with the system default settings and giving the Err_spdy_protocol_error chrome error. So always make sure that you keep watching the firewall and antivirus settings.


Now the main part is how do you fix this problem. ERR_SPDY_PROTOCOL_ERROR is not a huge problem and you shouldn’t be worried if it persists, by applying any of the below fixes you can very easily get rid of this error. Here we discuss about 5 different ways that will help you get over the problem.

1. Restart Your Browser

This is the most usual error and the best fix for this error is to basically just close the chrome browser at once and restart the browser. This will fix your error.

google chrome restart

2. Keep Chrome up to Date

google chrome update

This is one of the basic things that needs to be done. You should always keep your browser up to date. The best way is to check the settings of your chrome and see the about chrome section. If it is out of date then upgrade to the latest version.

3. Use Chrome Incognito Mode

google chrome incognito

Often times, users get the err_spdy_protocol_error chrome only when they open a particular site. At such times, you need to visit the same site in incognito mode. When you visit a site in incognito mode then there is no cache stored which means you will load a site as if its being loaded the first time.

4. Flush DNS and Renewing IP

Users can also try what is called as flushing DNS where DNS means Domain Name Server. Once done you can renew your IP and get rolling.

Steps to flush DNS:

  • Open CMD(Command Prompt)
  • Type ipconfig/flushdns and press enter

To renew IP:

  • Open CMD(Command Prompt)
  • Type ipconfig/release and press enter
  • Type again ipconfig/renew and press enter

5. Flush SPDY Sockets

You need to follow the below steps to get rolling with the flush process of SPDY Sockets

  • Visit this link chrome://net-internals/#events&q=type:SPDY_SESSION%20is:active from your chrome browser
  • Click on the arrow of the top right corner
  • From the drop down menu, go ahead and select flush sockets


Q)- Will I lose my bookmarks after the issue is resolved?
A)– No, ideally you should not lose any of your information that is associated with a gmail ID. All of it will be safe.

Q)– Should I move to some other browser?
A)– it is always recommended that be prepared for any breakdown. We recommend you also use firefox and keep using it until the issue is resolved.

Q)- Is there any issue with my antivirus?
A)– No, the antivirus is just doing its work of making sure there is no threat that may cause your system to slow down. Sometimes it can just stop you from opening few sites due to pop up ads.